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Post  UcD XxPanicxX M on Sun Jan 27 2013, 06:47

UcD community is a tightknit group of gamers, who respect one another as their “ brothers and sisters”. With that being said it is our responsibility to treat one another with the utmost respect regardless of race, gender, sex, ethnicity, or religious beliefs.

It is our mission to provide our members with a fun and safe community where our members can work together to overcome obstacles both in the video game world as well as in daily life, ultimately forming bonds between players, and making the community stronger as a whole.

We provide all of our members with the opportunity to make all ideas regarding improvement known. UcD is run under a form of democracy, meaning that no one person makes any decision. All ideas are evaluated by a board of directors that is a compilation of members from all squads and of all ranks. We believe that no good deed should go un-recognized or un-rewarded. With that being said, you as a member should strive to work hard, play hard, and communicate between one another to help us build a strong gaming community.

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